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The Common Room

The Common Room is a brand new concept in community thinking. Dedicated spaces in the London Boroughs of Islington and Waltham Forest, The Common Rooms are where younger and older come together in dynamic exploration and discovery. It is where human connection, collaboration and the power of “together” thrive. The Common Room can help you discover your purpose and reach new goals in life, whatever your age.

Sign up to be a member (it's free!), or simply pop in for a coffee and meet the team. We're open 10-4, Monday to Friday. 


The Islington Common Room is on Priory Green, N1 9DG - look for the big white chimney!

The Waltham Forest Common Room is at Market Parade, 778-782 High Road, Leyton, E10 6AH. We also hold pop-up workshops across the borough - see "What's On".


The Change Collective

At The Change Collective, we explore arts-led approaches to change in multiple contexts and conditions




Exeter, Devon

Interwoven Productions

Interwoven supports artists of quality working in participatory, place-led, practice. We are based in SW England.

We see ourselves as place-makers and are the creators of "Squilometres", a technique for sustainable, community animation through place-led arts. We prefer the term "animation" to "engagement" because we specialise in working from within communities, enabling community- commissioning and animating residents to create their own relevant celebrations of the places they share. 

Each Squilometre works within the new circular, alternative economies. Harnessing the existing assets of place and enabling communities to raise the local funds they need to create but also to commission Interwoven artists if they choose to.


Scotland, Edinburgh

International Teaching Artists Collaborative (ITAC)

International, 40+ countries (based in Scotland)

ITAC is…

A world-wide collaboration, proactively networking artists through international conferences and social media, to build an international community, cultivating excellence in teaching artistry. The ITAC Collaborative work together to build connectivity, visibility, status, support and value for participatory practice across the world.


The ITAC vision is…

A world where every country has artists working in the heart of communities and learning. Where these artists are continually improving, internationally connected and well supported, and the potential of the practice and its transformative power is visible and valued.


The ITAC proposed outcomes are…

- Improved practice

- Better international connectivity

- Greater understanding of practice in different countries

- Increased opportunity for international collaboration

- Greater understanding of the value of the practice across sectors

- Increased visibility, support and status for the work


Our Collaborative Network is…

- Made up of participatory artists and practitioners from all over the world.

- Represented in more than 40 countries

- Made up of teaching artists from a diverse range of arts and engagement backgrounds. Our delegates go by different titles in different countries and ITAC is inclusive of all who identify with our aims and purposes.

- Expanding and evolving all the time