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We are in a climate emergency.

There is urgent need for systems change at scale yet the impact space works in silos and climate action is not happening fast enough.


Socially engaged arts has huge potential for impact in building awareness and mindset shifting but are often under funded and isn't able to support artists in creating careers in this field. There is a need to create more opportunities and financial income from elsewhere beyond limited grants.


This program addresses this by forging collaborations with the social impact start up space to understand the common language that is needed to be built around such cross sector collaborations. Through conversations and relationship building, this project seeks to understand the necessary frameworks needed to approach such a project (i.e how to communicate different objectives and perspectives? How to convey the artistic practice and process? What are the terms we need to explain and bridge? How do we co-design and co-create an experience that can meet the needs of different agendas while developing the artistic practice?)