A platform for socially engaged artists and their work.

The site features conversations, projects, artists and residencies.

Founded in 1990, Drama Box is a socially-engaged theatre company known for creating works that inspire dialogue, reflection and change. By shining a spotlight on marginalised narratives and making space for the communal contemplation of complex issues, it seeks to tell stories that provoke a deeper understanding of Singapore's culture, history and identity.

Harnessing the power of the arts to create dialogue,
invite social participation and build bridges across difference.

We are an arts-based community development organisation that recognises the creativity and agency within individuals and communities to generate change.

We believe in collaborating to imagine and develop thriving communities in a sustainable society. Since 2012, we have done this through the creative producing of innovative projects that demonstrate the power of the arts for change, the capability development of growing practitioners in our field, and researching and advocating for arts-based community development.

As intermediaries, facilitators and creative producers crossing sectors, we connect people, ideas and resources; bringing artmaking, community building and civic participation together in a meaningful way.