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We connect socially engaged practitioners worldwide. 

Changemaking work is tough.
Sometimes it feels like all the odds are against you and it's a constant upward battle. Don't do this alone. Let us support you on your journey.

 Learn about INSEP's change makers and their work through our podcast Onions Talk.
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Fié Neo

Founder. Interdisciplinary artist. Podcaster.

Films, wearable art and public interventions to connect people and create spaces for meaningful conversations

When I first started doing participatory art through public interventions, I realised there were so many ethical questions in participatory practice that needed answering, especially when dealing with vulnerability. I did not then have the experience or support to guide me and decided to set this network up so that we can collectively support each other and share our learning. It has since evolved to bring together change makers from different disciplines because everything intersects and systems change requires a cross sector systems approach.

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  • to create a supportive ecosystem of socially engaged change makers

  • to connect change makers in different fields

  • to foster cross sector conversations and collaborations to create new opportunities

  • a platform to enhance learning through exchange of ideas and reflection

  • a safe space to play, experiment, fail and learn

  • to encourage more bottom up initiatives and civic engagement 

  • to increase the social capital of change makers

  • to encourage international exchange and foster understanding between different cultures

What we do

  • Offer opportunities for international exchange through our network.

  • Facilitate learning and sharing of good practices.

  • Decentralise access to connections, resources and opportunities.

  • Increase visibility of INSEP's community members' change making work through our podcast "Onions Talk".

  • Raise awareness on different social issues through our #conversation series on the podcast.